Maintenance Services

ECM Enterprises began many years ago as merely a maintenance company, and to this day still serves most of its original customers. Our maintenance teams are the best in the industry with rigorous training on equipment and company procedures before becoming part of our crew. Maintenance is the only way to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant all year. Our programs are customized to fit individual needs.

Maintaining your lawn and landscape is essential to the health and growth of your landscape investment. Professional care protects your landscape and promotes lasting beauty. Many studies have been done throughout the years based on your home’s value related to your landscape. Experts have come to the general conclusion that every dollar invested in installing and properly caring for landscaping increases by at least double when accounted for in the property’s overall value. If you spend $10,000 on landscape design, the added value with proper care tacks on at least $20,000 to your property’s price tag. Why would you not want to maintain your yard with those statistics?

Some of the Landscape Maintenance Services ECM Enterprises offers are:

    • MOWING/TRIMMING/EDGING/BLOWING: We mow our lawns with mulching mowers designed to return the nutrients to the soil. For optimum health, lawns are never cut more than one-third of blade height. Please let us know if you have other preferences. We always keep nice, crisp, and clean edges on lawn and bed areas by hand edging and string trimmers
    • CLEANUP (Included with mowing): We clean up debris from all lawns, curbs, and landscaped areas on a weekly basis. This cleanup, however, does not include clean up of pet refuse in lawn or garden areas. It does not include removal of chemical spills from painters or debris from other contractors. Furthermore, any acts of God are not included in this agreement such as storm damage from a hurricane
    • LEAF CLEANUP: Leaves often collect in places such as shrubbery and beds, if not maintained. This leaf cleanup program will help keep your whole yard beautiful when the heavy fall leaf season arrives
    • FERTILIZATION/SPRAYING: This is a tried and trusted program guaranteed to keep your turf healthy and looking great all year long! It consists of a 7-step program over a year’s span. Pre-emergent weed controls, broadleaf weed control, lime, and fertilizer are just a few of the things this program offers to keep your turf beautiful.
    • SHRUB PRUNING PROGRAM: We will prune small trees, shrubs, and ground covers to maintain desired forms, and any other necessary pruning that coincides with general horticultural practices. Trees that are over 12 feet in height are out of our small tree classification for pruning and should be handled by a tree company. Particular questions about this are addressed at the initial meeting on site.
    • SHRUB CARE PROGRAM: Trees and shrubs are not only for looks-- they add value and security to your property. Unfortunately, there are many diseases and insects that can destroy a landscape. Our shrub care program consists of fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides to help keep your shrubs looking great all year. We use a program specifically designed for this area and climate, studied by North Carolina State and local pest control companies.
    • BED WEED CONTROL: The time to prepare for the oncoming of weeds is in the dormant season by applications of a mulching material. We will weed all beds and will use post-emergent weed control in larger open areas. We keep your paved surfaces free of weeds growing in cracks and along curbs. Weeds are minimized by applications of mulching material semi-annually. This (mulch) is an additional cost and will be invoiced based on quantities used.
    • MULCHING/PINESTRAW: These two bed improvements are very important not only for looks but for the protection of your plants. Pinestraw and mulch help plants withstand our scorching summers and freezing winters. They also provide a weed barrier in your natural areas to help minimize weeds and undergrowth.
    • FALL TURF OVERSEEDING: To maintain a thick, healthy lawn, we recommend turf overseeding on an annual basis in the Triangle area. Our overseeding program begins with aeration of your soil using a core type aerator. This process not only provides an excellent seeding surface, it loosens soil compaction which makes your existing turf healthier. We then apply top quality turf type Fescue to give you the best turf possible. We also have slit-seeders available if you request to have your yard slit-seeded.